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Email has become an integral part of human life as they have become the source of transferring information from one user to another. Earlier letters use to do this job but with the introduction of email users inclined towards it. Emails not only save time but it also takes care of user’s privacy. There are so many email services available in the current scenario. But choosing the perfect one is difficult. Yahoo being one of the oldest webmail services is the preferred by the people around the globe. Yahoo mail was developed by Yahoo Company in the year 1997. With its excellent and high- tech functionality it is the most trusted and most widely used email. But sometimes these traits can lead to some serious concerns which require immediate attention from the technical engineer. You can reach out to them via Yahoo customer Care number who will troubleshoot every error confronted by you within the minimum frame of time. The doors to avail their best and reliable service is open all day throughout the day in a year irrespective of time and location.

yahoo customer service

There are four configurations of Yahoo mail service which is presently available. These are Free Version, Plus, Ad Version and Business version. The characteristic features differ according to the version you are using but some of the very common traits which are available in all the version are given below.

Why People love it?

Yahoo mail is gaining popularity because of its amazing features. These amazing features not only make it popular but has given it the position of most trusted email service. Some of the mind blogging attributes of Yahoo are:

Managing Attachment

The documents and file which you send or receive via email are called an attachment. Yahoo provides email attachment limit of 25 MB.

Managing Message Archives and searches

Yahoo mail consists of several folders –Spam, Inbox, Outbox, Trash, Draft and etc. which are provided automatically to the users, but users must make sure to manage their archives wisely. Searching a particular email has also become easy as you can search it by specifying either date, name, or any particular information.

Email Storage

It provides the email storage size of 25GB to save your Yahoo data online and which can be accessed by you from anywhere and anytime.

Privacy and protection from viruses and spam

Yahoo is known for providing the protection against spams and viruses and it also takes care of the user’s privacy and checks to maintain that it is not violated. If Yahoo suspects some unknown activity in your account it will automatically inform you through text message or mail sent to your registered phone number and alternate email address.

Contacts and Calendars

Users can save their contacts online at Yahoo and have the authority to use it or import it whenever they need. You can save important dates and events in the Calendar and Yahoo will notify you through notification about it.

Other services

Apart from email services, Yahoo provides other brilliant services also like Yahoo answers, Yahoo groups, Yahoo messenger and etc.

Technical Hiccups of Yahoo Mail

In spite of so many hallmark traits, Yahoo is not far away from the faults. From time to time Yahoo users face some technical as well as performance glitches which can be only solved by getting in touch with Yahoo technical support number available 24×7. The most common flaws which are witnessed by the people all around the world are:

  • Sign-Up issue

At the time of sign-up sometimes new users confront some problem which stops them from registering for the new account. This error can arise because of poor connectivity, outdated browser or sometimes when the ‘user Id is already taken’.

  • Sign-in Issue

Sign-in issue blocks the path for the user by taking away the right to access. This problem can occur because of

  • Invalid username
  • Forget Password and username

Username and password are two important pillar which opens up the door for using any webmail service.

  • Issues while transferring messages

Email services are used to transfer information or documents through email but if you are not able to send or receive messages then you will get irritated. Failure in transferring email can be because of poor internet connection or some browser or system issue.

  • Attachment downloading and Uploading

While uploading attachment you must ensure that the file is not greater than the given file size, if it is then compressed it. You can face a problem with the attachment because of size or internet connection issue.

Why Choose Email Internet Marketings

There are lots of options available on the internet for customer support but what makes us the best and different from them are:

  • Respect and value for the customer’s time and patience
  • You can reach support team 24×7 throughout the day and night despite location constraints
  • Technical engineers will deliver the complete solution and will focus to eliminate the issue from the core itself
  • Prompt response and the on-time solution will be provided
  • Latest tools and techniques will be used to resolve the error
  • The solution will offer in a step-wise manner which is easy to understand and execute
yahoo customer service

You can avail the guidance of customer care through Yahoo Technical support number available at all hour for their valued users. The experienced operatives will analyze the issue at hand first and then will accordingly deliver the steps to fix it. The problem confronted by you will be a top priority for the support team to solve. The top-notch professional who is well versed in solving Yahoo email issue will be delivering you the solution steps after understanding the exact cause of the fault. You can get rid of the hindrances which block your path of accessing Yahoo email in shortest possible time.

24-hour Customer Service For Any Issue Toll-Free: +1-800-340-2881

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  1. My Yahoo account, E-mail, is hacked. Someone is locking me out of websites, and changing or wiping out my Whole E-mail page. They are also adding fictitious web pages, and then changing or locking pages up as so you cannot move anywhere!

  2. I have received a text warning me of a “Final Warning, my mailbox will be shutdown. Verify Now”

    Because of a Yahoo Update I must upgrade my email?
    I believe this is a pfishing mail, but I am checking to make sure it is not.

  3. Dear Yahoo Team,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    My name is Danil, and I used to have my account email which was
    However i have got my IPhone restarted as it was disabled for some reason then i had to connect to iTunes. I was really shocked since everything has gone including all my apps on my phone.
    i tried to download again yahoo app for email onto my phone. However i could not log in one of the account since it has account key to sign in. Unfortunately the account key code sent to my old number which to my Australia number +61426292425 i don’t have any access to that number as i am back in Indonesia right now. Please could you please help me to return my email as it is very important to me.

  4. I believe my E mail address has been hacked, a friend told me I am sending out dodgy messages, so I have tried to change my password but the system is stopping me from getting to change my password and just puts me into my account through my phone and they already have access to that system, please can you help me I dont want to change my email address, Rob Ellis.

  5. Good Day!
    Can you help me regarding my email address, i can’t access. My phone is broken, no recovery email and my number is not updated. Pleas reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

  6. Hi, I tried to call the support tel number but I failed.
    Is there a chat or email to contact you on a problem of missing emails on yahoo?

  7. Hi,
    Iam unable to renew subscription for my manager email accounts “ and” from United Arab Emirates. some how your payment window is asking Zip and city code which we dont have here and with out those it is unable to proceed payment.

    so please let me know the alternative to renew your subscription.

    Deepak Sudevan

  8. All,
    recently I discovered that emails dated 2012 and 2013 have been missing out of my email account / folder.
    My question is, are you automatically deleting emails after a certain time frame.
    Are you able to restore emails?

    Looking forward hearing from you and appreciate your help.

    Best regards,


  9. I have a yahoo free email address account and I want to open a second yahoo free email address account but I get error message when I try to use my same phone * for verification to create the second new yahoo account…the error message says I can not create the second new yahoo free email address because I have too many yahoo free email accounts listed under my same phone *. How do I fix this problem??? I cannot remember my user and password names of all my previous yahoo accounts over the pasts years therefore I do not know how to delete those past old un-used yahoo accounts that are listed under my same phone *.

  10. Hi,

    I recently deleted my email ( because I wanted to put my actual birthday.

    I want to create a new email ( but it isn’t allowing me as it says still active.

    Could you please completely delete the email (, so i may create my new email (

    Thank You

  11. Hello Dear
    I am Jodi chia.I lost all my old emails in my email box.I would be happy if you help me to recover them.I need them too much.there are many necessaries that are in my old emails.

  12. I dont have access to the phone number on file any longer so i can not log into my account. I really feel as if this is very foolish.

    1. Hii Antoinette Crisostomo,
      Just contact on our Yahoo Tech Support Team on the tollfree number given above and get answers of you question.

  13. Hi ..:
    Today I tried to log in to my email and it does not recognize my acc.. I believe I’ve been hacked . Sent some emails out today . Believe I’ve been hacked / can u fix it . Tks mark .. my email is …….

    1. Hii Mark,
      Your Problem will Be solved u just contact on our Yahoo Tech Support Team on our tollfree number |1-800-340-2881.

  14. Suspected spoof eMail is copied below:

    Update Mail
    Monday, March 11, 2019 8:02 AM

    “Yahoo Mail”

    Raw Message Printable View
    Dear E-mail user

    Your incoming mails were placed on pending status due to the recent upgrade of our database,
    To renew the mailbox kindly Click Here and continue to your Account.


    CUSTOMER CARE Security Service YAHOO TEAM 2019©.

  15. selamat siang, apakah bisa membantu saya untuk mengembalikan email yaang sudah masuk di inbox dari tanggal 6 feb s/d 11 feb.,saya terhapus semua email yang masuk, dan di antara email yang masuk, ada email penting untuk saya
    apakah bisa membantu saya. mohon respon email saya. terima kasih

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