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Dell is an American multinational company which was founded by Michael Dell with its company headquarters in Round Rock, United States. It deals with the repair, development, Dell customer support number, and selling of computer related products and services. The company is highly reputed for its innovative design and ideas in supply chain management and electronic commerce. Recently, Dell has been named the number 1 shipper of PCs and laptops.

One example of Dell computers is the OptiPlex which is a line of office computers. The computer systems typically comes with Intel CPUs and currently with the core microarchitecture (i3, i5, i7). An example of Dell laptops is the Dell XPS 15 which is a top contender in being the best overall. It is powered by Intel Core i7 3.5GHz quad-core processor, 32 GB of ram and 1Tb SSD. This computer is indeed a top contender in the international market as it has all the moves in all the right places. The screen display provides a high resolution which is perfect for streaming, creating word documents etc. It also provides excellent battery life lasting up to more than 8hrs a day.

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Some mind-boggling features of Dell laptops and computers

To make the laptops and computers stand apart from others, the product is amassed with some amazing features. Some of them have been discussed below:

  • USB C-type ports. With this USB type, you don’t have to worry about the right side to plug in. With this C-type port, you can charge the laptop, phone or tablet, transfer the data, etc.
  • High-Quality Display Resolution: The Dell laptops provide with an amazing screen display which can enhance the user’s experience. They usually come with a 1020 X 1080 HD display.
  • OLED Display: The laptops provide an organic light-emitting diode, which will make all the images appear life-like.
  • Amazing RAM- With an amazing memory space, the laptops provide an advantage of storing millions of But you must always make sure that you clean the junk files from time to time, delete the items in the recycle bin and restart the PC from time to time to clear the RAM.
  • Long battery life- You don’t need to worry about the battery draining too fast when you use the Dell laptop. But few things to keep in mind is that the laptop is not on sleep mode for a long time, or the battery has been kept sufficiently charged, even when the laptop is not in use.
  • Sleek designs– The product comes with an amazing and superior design quality, which will surely compel you to flaunt it among your friends and neighbors.

Features of Dell Printers

As a world-class computer technology company, Dell works to provide innovative printers and print solutions to millions of users around the globe. Each and every Dell Printer is built to deliver efficiency and reliability to complete printing tasks. Dell has a wide range of printers, and each printer model is equipped with some unique features that help to meet the printing requirement of the user. Whether you are using the printer at home or in the office, Dell Printers will match your need. If you are not sure about picking the correct printer or using the printer features on your Dell Printer, you can always call the Dell customer support number and ask for additional help. The features available on your Dell printer depend on the printer model you use since each model is designed to meet different printing needs. Here’s a quick look at some of the different features of Dell Printers:

  • Dell Printers can be used for colored as well as black and white printing
  • Most Dell Printers are easy to set up and have a simple user interface.
  • The advanced security features on your Dell Printer to help protect data.
  • The Dell Mobile Print application gives you access to files on your phone.
  • Dell Printer management helps you manage your devices from one location.
  • Duplex printing functionality on Dell helps users control paper and print costs.
  • Fuser Unit Guarantee ensures any failed unit is replaced at no additional cost.
  • High print speed available on Dell Printers helps you complete tasks faster.
  • Dell Printers are designed to consume less power, thus saving energy costs.
  • High-quality print resolutions available on Dell ensures vivid clear printouts.
  • Large paper tray on Dell Printers means you do not need to keep adding sheets
  • Dell Wi-Fi laser printers allow users to give print commands using the net.
  • Multi-function features allow you to print and scan using the same printer.
  • Dell Printers are designed and programmed to emit as little noise as possible.
  • Compact design on Dell Printers helps you save space at home or the office.
  • Use different paper sizes while performing printing tasks on your Dell Printer.

It is important to note that the features mentioned above are not available on all Dell Printers. As mentioned earlier, the features you get depend on the Dell Printer model you select. Sometimes, certain technical glitches or software error can prevent you from using a particular feature of your Dell Printer. If you find it difficult to use one specific feature of your Dell Printer, you can always call the Dell customer support number and ask for additional technical assistance. Printer experts and technicians

Flaws with Dell laptops and computers with Fixing Issues?

Even though the Dell laptop and computer have been ingrained with such amazing features, but sadly there are some technical hiccups which have engulfed these products and thus causing troubles for the users. It is not necessary that for every issue, you need to contact the Dell customer care number, as some of them can be rectified by just implementing the basic troubleshooting steps. Some of the bugs which can pose a hindrance in the natural working of these products have been listed below:

  • Dell Laptop Won’t Wake Up
  • The keyboard and mouse don’t respond to the commands
  • Sometimes the touch screen display jams in between
  • The system is not able to boot and crashes down suddenly
  • The Pc doesn’t start up, especially after it is on sleep mode for too much time.
  • The battery drains at a rapid rate, even when no or less activity is going on
  • The laptops and computers are not able to identify the external peripherals that have been attached to it
  • The display seems distorted and the images are bleak.
  • Some weird noises generated by CPU
  • Motherboard failure
  • Unable to install new updates
  • The screen suddenly turns black and the system crashes, when a task is going on
  • The product gets overheated
  • The laptop or computer is not able to read the CD which has been installed in it.
  • Any hardware or software issue


This issue can arise when the laptop has not been shut properly or is on the sleep mode for a much longer time. To troubleshoot this issue, you must implement the given steps:

  • Hold the power key to drain out the remaining battery
  • Remove the power cord and also the battery.
  • Just take all the externals that have been attached to the product. Make sure that nothing has been connected with it.
  • After a few minutes, insert back the battery again
  • Let the system charge for at least an hour
  • Switch on the laptop back again
To avoid these types of errors, you must make sure that you keep the laptop/computers on a hard and flat surface. Keeping them on soft surfaces like pillows, blankets, etch can cause a disruption in the proper airflow. To troubleshoot this error, just try these methods:
  • Make sure that you do not use the product for a longer time when it starts to overheat
  • Clear the vents of the laptop/computer
  • Switch off the system, remove the battery, and let it cool down.
This is an error which can be resolved in no time. You can take the help of the given solution:
  • Go to Windows>power button, and switch off the computer
  • Now hold the power button and D together for a few seconds
  • You will now see different colors on the screen
  • Switch on the system back again.
If you are working on your laptop, and you suddenly see that the touchpad has stopped working or is not responding to the command, then you must use a mouse cursor to troubleshoot this error:
  • Navigate to settings and then to the option of Touchpad and Mouse
  • Enable the option of the mouse cursor, so that you can use it to rectify the error
  • Go to the option of laptop’s touchpad in the settings and enable it
  • Go to settings>Touchpad and mouse>enable mouse for the function
  • Move to laptop’s touchpad> choose to Enable
The ePSA error codes are associated with the hardware and software issues of the laptop, and they are usually numbers which indicate a warning that something is wrong with the particular product. Error code 2000-0111 is associated with motherboard malfunctioning, whereas HDD errors are as 2000-0141. You can employ these fixes to resolve the error:
  • Update the BIOS Setting
  • Replace or remove the hard disc drive or format it once.
If you are looking for a solution to resolve more errors that are associated with Dell laptops and computers, then you must have a word with the professionals at Dell Technical support number. You can also avail the option of ‘live chat’ with the assistants and discuss your issue via the chat support.