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QuickBooks, managed by Intuit provides a platform to supervise the financial and accounting services of your company and business. It works as both desktop and cloud-based accounting software. QuickBooks Online, services provided Quickbooks Support Number |+1-866-789-8030 | by which is a software that can work without the worry of the installation process. It focusses on administrating small and medium-sized business by providing a platform to govern and include all the details that are required to run employment smoothly and effectively. It was released in the year 2018 and stays in sync with the operating system such as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It helps to supervise the cash flow, employee’s details, and paychecks, personal and banking details, maintain a balance between profit and loss. It has helped impresarios, businessmen, and other individuals to help them to flourish their organization. Even though it is labeled as business software, but it doesn’t really categorize into so.

Elementary Introduction of Quickbooks

You can very well use it to manage your personal accounts also. You do not get a free version of this software and it comes at an affordable price of 26.95 dollars per month. It is a great to deal for the money, as it seriously serves as a crucial tool for managing the accounts and finance. Wishing to know more about it? Then you can take help from professionals at QuickBooks Customer Service Number that would provide you with accredited information.

Some Common Errors And Problems Faced By Quickbooks Users

Why should you opt for QuickBooks?

By reading a brief description of this software, you must wonder that what is the actual use of it and why should you in the first place install it in the operating system? If you are thinking the same, then you must surely spare a moment and read the amazing features that the QB has to offer.

Simplified Usage- Those who do not have a piece of technical and advanced knowledge about managing the accounting needs, can easily understand it and operate it by using this software

Making no errors– Since now the software will help you to manage the accounts, so you can stay relaxed as there will be a room for no errors in calculations

Going Digital– It would just take away the hassle of paperwork and you can access your financial statements and other related stuff by using this software.

Integration- Wishing to view the financial details in other software such as Microsoft Excel or so. You can easily integrate it

Sign the Cheque– Does it waste a lot of time in signing the salary checks of your employees by hand? Use this software to use the scanned signature for signing the checks and save your time

Font Customization and so- wishing to make your invoices stand apart from others? Customize them as per your desires and need.

Keeping the data safe– This should be seen as the most crucial feature, as keeping your data safe from intruders is really necessary and especially when you are dealing with such huge amounts.

After you have finished reading about the advantages of opting for QuickBooks for your organization, you must also have a glance at the services it provides, which would surely push you forward in purchasing this software and you will be glad to use it.

The services it offers

Talking about QuickBooks, this software provides with beneficiary services that would surely help you in easing out the financing tasks and also help you to govern all the money related parts smoothly. Each service has a unique role to play and together it makes the QuickBooks software as a whole and complete process. The services that are included:

QuickBooks Payroll- It allows the users to prepare the payroll for their employees. By using the key features that are included under this category as Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted, helps you to formulate your employee’s information in a sorted category. This service also caters towards creating fast and accurate payroll taxes, and the task of managing the tax-related funds have been made really simpler by using this particular software.

QuickBooks Online– This particular cloud accounting software gives leverage to its users to access the QuickBooks Desktop in an online mode. By using this, a maximum of five users can sign up and it gives the true value for money. You don’t need to install the QuickBooks software in the system, as this particular service helps you to access all the features online by a web crawler.

QuickBooks Point of Sale- It facilitates the user to create a perfect harmony among clients and operators. It is basically used by those who manage the business of restaurants, boutiques, bars and more. With this, one can easily enter the sales information into the user accounting software. You can also integrate your credit card details so as to save time in future payments and funding.

QuickBooks pro- It is a software that helps you to store data in an online world. With this, you can back up your data and information, as for sure, it must be crucial. You can also keep a track on the expenses. It gives the optimization of scheduling the reports as and when you want to receive them, and with the ‘pay now’ link one can easily get paid or pay with the help of credit card or bank transactions.


The user often complains they are unable to print paychecks, invoices and other stuff using the QB software. You can easily resolve this issue by following these steps or if you wish you can directly avail the help from QuickBooks Technical support.
  • Turn off the printer, restart the system and switch back the printer again
  • Go to Windows Start button>Control Panel>Printers and Faxes>Use printer online
  • Select the printer and choose properties and print a test page.
It is really important that you connect the QuickBooks software to the bank accounting, making it easy to handle the accounts.
  • Navigate to the main page of QB and click on add a bank account
  • Log in to your bank account with your prescribed details
  • Select the banking account that you wish to connect. After that, the software will download transactions from the last 90 days.
If your QB software has stopped responding or is taking a long time to load or hangs/crashes in between, then you can try these steps:
  • Install QB diagnostic tool to resolve the error
  • Restart the system and can disable the anti-virus program installed in your system for a temporary basis
  • Delete or rename the QBWUSER.INI file
These are just a few significant errors that have been listed and provided with a quick solution. If you face any other issue, then you can consult the experts about it QuickBooks Customer care support.