Welcome To Norton Support

The phrase ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’ can be applied in the context of computer and internet security as well. If you want to make sure your computer is protected round the clock it is not enough that you simply install Norton Anti-virus software. Once you install Norton, you need to make sure the software runs smoothly, without any error. In case you do encounter an error that may lead to a security breach, you can call the Norton support number and ask for technical assistance to resolve the problem. The support number allows you to get in touch with certified experts who will be able to fix any problem connected to your Norton account.

Features of Norton support

The impending fear of a virus attack or data breach on your computer can be quite stressful. However, even if you do experience a problem with your Norton software, you do not have to worry because help is just one short phone call away. Here are some of the features and benefits of Norton support:

  • 24 hours Norton software tech support whenever required
  • Professional experts with in-depth knowledge of the software
  • A step-by-step guide to help users implement advanced solutions
  • Helpful tips to optimize your Norton security software
  • Live chat with experts to get timely responses for any error
  • Easy to understand instructions given by patient tech experts

With so many features available through Norton support, you can rest assured that you will get quality technical assistance no matter what error you may face while using your security software.

Why contact Norton support number

Research suggests that data theft is on the rise, with an estimated 12 billion records stolen in the last year. The main reason why cyber-attacks have increased is that many users and businesses are using computers to complete different tasks and store data. Cybercriminals and malware have created a precarious situation when it comes to engaging in business online. However, if you want to protect your data and keep your system secure, you should call the Norton support number and speak to a professional cyber security expert. By contacting Norton support, you will get detailed solutions on how to fix any technical error related to your software. Norton experts will also give you useful tips and suggestions you can use to boost the security on your computer and keep the data stored on your computer safe.

What kinds of Norton Problems we solve

Norton antivirus software is a result of well-researched innovative techniques that fabricated the codes of the ground-breaking software. Despite being such a sophisticated antivirus program, it may produce some errors that need to be addressed by the experts. So when you approach Norton support number, you get a team of professionals having years of experience in solving Norton issues. A well-equipped team with updated information about Norton products is able to solve all kinds of Norton problems. But we have specialization in setup issues, installation issues, update issues and all kinds of scanning issues, etc. we are well-versed in all kind of errors appears in Norton software from time to time. We provide our best effort to analyze the issue and accordingly get to the solution. With the innovative development, Norton products get updated and introduce some newer issues and errors. So we always keep an eye on every single update and find out the solution of those issues.

Some Basic Norton Problems And their solutions

Below you can have an idea of some common issues that appear quite frequently while using Norton software. Go through these points for issues and their solutions as well:

Norton software can be purchased from online sources or retail store. For the online method, you can follow these methods:
  • You can go to and provide your Norton account details.
  • Then download specific Norton product for the same device. Once the download completes, save it to your computer.
  • Now go to the downloads and open it. You will get the ‘My Norton downloader’ application.
  • Answer ‘yes’ to make changes to your device and open ‘My Norton installer.’
  • By clicking on ‘install,’ you can complete the process within minutes and get Norton software installed on your computer.
You can also call at Norton support number for more information and further assistance.
If Norton software is not opening on windows, then you can’t be able to keep safe your computer. So you need to fix the issue with these steps:
  • Restart your computer after closing down all the running programs.
  • This may solve the issue, but if the problem persists, then you need to download and run ‘Norton repair and reinstall tool.’
  • Once you start running this tool, it will automatically detect the issues and will provide instructions to help you in solving the issue.
Now by following simple instructions on screen, you will be able to fix the issue easily.
When you want to solve the Norton error 500 on your Mac device, the process you would have to undertake are:
  • The user would have to uninstall the Norton Product from your device.
  • Then they would have to remove the license from an unused device.
  • Finally, reinstall the product on your system.
  • If you are trying to resolve the issue on your Windows device, then the process that you must follow are:
  • The users must first reboot your system.
  • Now you have to change your default browser.
If you face the error 3035 6 while working on your Norton Antivirus software, the steps that you have to follow are:
  • Find the program which is causing a conflict and the close the same.
  • Try updating or reinstalling the program, causing conflict.
  • Update the virus protection program or download the latest Windows update.
  • Reinstall the runtime libraries.
  • Try using the Disk Clean up option.
  • Reinstall the graphics driver on your system.
If the users are unable to solve the issue, then they can promptly connect with Norton Support Number and avail professional assistance.
Norton Security error 8504 is an error which is generally caused because of another security product which is already installed on your system. This issue can also arise when the installation of Norton is not done properly. To fix this issue, the users can take up the below-given solutions:
  • The users would first have to remove the other antivirus tool, which is present on the system.
  • Users can also take up help from Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • The users can also update the Graphic card of their system.
  • The Norton AutoFix tool can also be used to handle this issue.
There are possibilities that the user would come across certain confusions while incorporating the given steps. In situations like these, they can contact Norton support where they would get expert guidance regarding the issue.