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HP Inc., the American Technology Company is known for developing personal computers, printers, and other related supplies. The printers of HP have the most number of active users all over the world. People are trusting and using this printer in their home, offices, schools and many other places.  HP Printer has ranked the list of reliable and widely used printer among all other printers. As being the technical equipment these printers are vulnerable to failure. But no matter which model of printer you are using HP Printer customer support number will provide assistance and guidance for every issue confronted by you in any model of this printer.

HP Printer is developed since 1980 and since then it not only gained the confidence of people but also is one of the promising printers. They produce all types of printer be it Inkjet, Laser, Deskjet or 3d Printer.

Prominent traits of HP Printer

The most peculiar feature of HP Printer that makes it different from others are:

  • It has awesome looks and design
  • Print quality whether it is colored or black and white is off high quality
  • Cartridge capacity is good
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Multi-device connectivity
Hp Printer

The complication with HP Printer

Being the most reliable printer does not mean HP printer does not have any fault. Users find HP printer problematic from time to time while using them. Some of the most common errors you can witness are listed below:

  • Paper Jam

A printer can jam because of much different reason wrinkled papers, an excessive number of papers available in print tray, the paper of different size and etc.

  • Faded printing

The resultant page with faded image or text can be because low ink, print density is low or Economode printing is turned on.

  • Ghosting

This is the condition where output print image is clear but a lighter copy of the image is also printed elsewhere. It can be because of a problem with power supply from a power outlet or when drum and imaging kit is coming to end.

  • Toner does not stay on paper or it smear

You can face this issue when fuser assembly, toner cartridges are faulty, and when some toner get spilled inside the printer.

  • Error with power supply

The printer will show error message 50.4 when it has a problem with power supply. It is advisable to plug the printer directly into a power outlet.

  • Unable to find the driver

You cannot find a printer driver for every Operating System. You can install your printer only by taking help from user manual and by interacting with customer care.

  • The printer does not print from expected tray

It can occur because the pad that separates the paper may be damaged or the paper is bit humid. Sometimes due to damaged pad printer pick more than one paper from the manual tray.

Issues with HP Printers

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Common Fixtures

The suggestion which can be helpful in solving the common HP printer errors on their own: These solutions steps are delivered by professionals and are useful in fixing the issue within few minutes.

  • Make sure to have an active internet connection
  • All the cables associated with your PC and printer are in good condition and are properly plugged in
  • Refill the empty or low ink cartridge
  • Use good quality paper and keep the paper in the correct position in the tray
  • Replace all the faulty printer parts be it fuser, drum, cartridge
  • Update the printer driver timely
  • And double check that printer is receiving the good power supply
  • Cleaning and servicing of the printer is must and should be done from time to time
hp-printer Customer Support

These troubleshooting steps can fix your issue and help you solve the problem temporarily but in order to get the complete and long-lasting solution you must reach out to HP Printer technical support number available throughout the day and night. The proficient support teams will deliver the prompt response along with relevant and feasible resolution of the error witnessed.