How to reset hp printer

The printers are a device which is basically used to print documents in the form of Word, Excel, images, PDFs, etc. Anything that you can view as a soft copy on your computing device can be taken out as a hard copy by just giving the print command using the keys Ctrl+P. The printer through which you need a printout gives you option of getting an input of black and white or colored print provided both the cartridges have been inserted inside. They are a part of the computer’s hardware system. No one can deny that HP printers are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to purchasing them. If you are buying a printer that would surely cost you real money, you should always prefer buying it from trusted sites.

One of the issues that can occur while working on the printer is resetting the device and it can be really annoying sometimes. It can be fixed easily by applying a simple procedure without involving with any hassles. Just make sure that you read this blog thoroughly and implement the steps as discussed to reset HP printer. It will also help in resolving all the error messages which your printer may be encountering or any issue related to the cartridge.

Just look at the following steps, read them thoroughly and start working on them without procrastination.

Ways to reset the HP printer:

Step 1: Turn on the printer by connecting it to the main switch, since the resetting process cannot take place if the device is seen as inactive.

Step 2: Now disconnect the USB cables through which your printer and computer are connected.

Step 3: Then slide upon the printer by lifting the cover and take out the ink cartridge

Step 4: Now wait for the prompt message displaying ‘insert ink cartridges’ after closing the lid.

Step 5: Once the message has been displayed, remove the power cord from the back side.

Step 6: Wait for 5- 10 minutes and reconnect the cord back again.

Step 7: Press the power button for a few seconds, if the printer doesn’t turn on.

Step 8: Reinsert the cartridges back and close the cover.

Step 9: Connect the USB cables back again to complete the process.

Once you are through with the process, you will be able to reset the printer. If the target is not achieved due to any misconception, technical issue or any other reason, then you must try dialing the HP Printer Tech Support Phone number which is toll-free and remains accessible 24X7. Talk to experts over there to procure a solution.