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Assistance and guidance from customer support is usually taken when a user is facing some technical glitch while using a service or when the concerned is new in the scenario. You must be well aware of the rising importance of emails in today’s world. They are used as a formal way of communicating among people. Many email accounts exist today and one of them which has been quite popular among the users are Yahoo email. If you are someone who has been in constant touch with this service, then you must be quite aware of the technical errors that can be associated with it. Here you can get an idea about the solutions of some common Yahoo email issues. And a few of them might need external support. You can get in touch with Yahoo Customer service and get a solution for the same. The number can be accessed 24X7 and the professionals on the line provide with instant solutions that help you to eradicate the issue from the core.

Some of the technical hiccups associated with Yahoo email are:
• Sign up errors and sign in issues
• Not able to send attachments
• Emails landing in the trash folder
• Not able to download attachments
• Unable to sync it with other emails
• Deleted some emails by mistake

There can be even other issues that can be associated with this mail, but these can be seen as the most common one. You can have a look at the solutions one by one

Issue 1- Not able to create a new account in Yahoo mail

You can easily resolve this issue by implementing just basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that there is proper net connection
  • Sometimes it can be shown that the username you are entering is already taken. In that case you can try hit and trail method for creating one.
  • Also make sure that you are following the proper guidelines for creating a password.

Issue 2- How to resolve some basic sign in errors?

Sign in errors can arise due to many reasons. The main one is incorrect password or username. They can be resolved by:

  • Reset the username and password using the troubleshooting techniques. For resetting the password, you can tap on ‘Forgot password’ option and follow the instructions.
  • Clear the web browser’s history, cookies, cache and bookmarks and reset the web settings
  • Update the web browser.
  • Give a check at the internet connection

Issue 3- What can be done if the emails get accidently deleted?

If you have deleted some important mails, you can restore them back quite easily

  • Go to yahoo email account page>sign in using the credentials
  • Open the trash folder. Select the mails that you want to retrieve back.
  • Restore them and they will land automatically to the inbox.

There can be other issues too which are associated with this mail. For getting a resolution about the same, you can reach out for the solution by accessing the platform of Yahoo Customer support. The platform will help you to get rid of the issues with ease and guarantee.